About us

The Förderverein „Welterbe Müngstener Brücke“ was founded on March 26, 2021, sealed with the signatures of the founding members - including the city leaders of the three major cities of the Bergisches Land, high-ranking representatives of the Deutsche Bahn, members of the respective city councils and the World Heritage Coordinator, who is overseeing the project internationally.

According to the statutes, the purpose of the association is to support all efforts on the way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage and later on its continued existence. Financial resources can be used for "projects of international understanding, science and research, art and culture, monument protection and preservation, as well as education and training - in particular also to strengthen civic engagement."

Actors and Structure

The association "Welterbe Müngstener Brücke e.V." is recognized as a non-profit organization and can accept donations. Its registered office is in Solingen.

Organs of the association:

  • Executive Board
  • Meeting of Members

Executive Board


Tim Kurzbach
Lord Mayor of the City of Solingen


Burkhard Mast-Weisz
Lord Mayor of the City of Remscheid

Equal Members of the Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind
Lord Mayor of the City of Wuppertal

Werner Lübberink
Group Representative of Deutsche Bahn AG for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Carsten Zimmermann
World Heritage Coordinator and International Project Manager, Treasurer

Fabian Christoph
Deutsche Bahn Netz AG, Secretary

The executive board manages the day-to-day business. It is responsible for the proper administration and implementation of all association activities. This includes:

  • Selection and control of projects to be supported
  • Recruitment of sponsors and other supporters

The executive board is elected by the meeting of members for a period of two years, re-election is possible. The members of the executive board choose who will take over the 1st and 2nd chair.

Executive board meetings are held at least twice a year. The executive board passes resolutions by simple majority, in case of urgency also in writing or by telephone. The prerequisite for this is that all executive board members agree to the procedure.

Meeting of Members

The Meeting of Members is the highest decision-making body of the association. In principle, it is responsible for all tasks that have not been assigned to another body of the Association in accordance with the Articles of Association.

As a rule, the Meeting of Members meets once a year; in special cases, extraordinary meetings may also be convened. Its tasks include, among other things, the election and discharge of a new management board, the decision on amendments to the statutes and on submitted motions, as well as the determination or recommendation of the size of membership fees and other contributions.

Currently, the meeting of members includes the founding members of the association. Criteria for the admission of additional members are being developed.


Verein Welterbe Müngstener Brücke e.V.
c/o SEG Solingen
Herr Carsten Zimmermann
Walter-Scheel-Platz 1
D - 42651 Solingen

Statutes of the Association