World Heritage: One step further!

Müngstener Brücke is Germany's highest railroad bridge, an impressive structure, a monument of national importance, an indispensable transport link in the Bergisches Städtedreieck for 125 years – and on its way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage. Not alone, but in a strong international association with bridges in Portugal, France and Italy. Built in the late 19th century, they bear witness to a pioneering spirit and great engineering. Together, we are now working to preserve the last large arch bridges from this period for future generations as a World Heritage. An important milestone has been reached: the serial, transnational application entitled "European Bow Arch Bridges of the late 19th Century" has reached the German tentative list and will be nominated to UNESCO for the World Heritage List.


Six large arch bridges in four countries are applying together as a serial, transnational UNESCO World Heritage. For each partner, the application has great significance. At the same time, the common path builds bridges in Europe, between cities, regions and nations and thus contributes to international understanding.

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